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​​​Portfolio Analysis & Management System

Discounted Cash Flow Analysis

The Definitive Book & Software System for Present Value or Discounted Cash Flow Analysis


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10/17/2016.-read our latest published article on ASC842

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ASC 842 reporting, compliance , schedules & consulting

​​10/17/2016.-read our latest published article on ASC842

                                                              RAPID response Present Value  Analysis ? We offer e-mailed PV analysis of any cash flows with  EXCEL compatible amorts reports & booking entries if required

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The competition does not give you the yield engine to actually do all the computations...PAMS-DCF's  yield engine gives you the tool to rapidly do it all. Discover issues  and clarify rate questions.

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Who can use this system and book ?

        PAMS-DCF  goes way beyond the competition in providing you with uniquely capable Present Value      analysis tools Including Portfolio Present Value Analysis that makes easy work of LESSEE reporting under ASC 842.

 Budgeting personnel and economists called on to meet rate of return requirements or produce projections.

  Law firms responsible for review and revision of finance agreements

 Professional finance, economics and business educators charged with teaching discounted cash flow analysis and its various mathematical issues

Loan/leveraged lease pricing negotiators, verifying, modifying or designing proposals

 Economists called on to analyze projected growth scenarios. Transactions tested to 7 trillion dollars over 9,510 compounding periods (227 years) within 1 dollar accuracy

 Loan and lease portfolio acquisition personnel charged with doing an overall analysis of a group of transactions under review for potential purchase

 Banking Companies involved in creating amortization schedules of loans or lease agreements, reviewing, checking and booking transactions

PAMS-DCF System & Book  for Present Value Analysis

Full Portfolio Analysis System  -   Lessor/Lessee  Accounting System - Rate Analysis

Accounting and Auditing Firms​ called on to verify lease/loan terms and rates of return or do Present Value asset evaluations.

Finance & Banking Industry personnel involved in the creation, review and presentation of loan and lease agreements

We are focused on completing the accounting segment which will provide a complete set of control entries and portfolio management tools for control and integration of the accounting records into the yield and portfolio analysis capabilities. The system design strongly supports the lessee side reporting under ASC 842 in addition to lessor reporting.