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Discounted Cash Flow Analysis

The Definitive Book & Software System for Present Value or Discounted Cash Flow Analysis


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PAMS ships with a Quick Setup and a Quick Run insert, in addition to an index of the 65 ready to read and run examples to have you up and running in 10 minutes.

The system consists of various screens and dialog boxes designed for easy and quick manipulation of deal terms. The primary screen is the  Dashboard which contains much of  the necessary driving information for a transaction. It is the central screen to which the system returns. It is designed to allow for minimal rapid input to get a transaction ready for yield analysis.

Complex payment sets can be quickly generated and modified. Compounding periodicity can be easily changed. Substantial audit trail information is provided for along with a notes capability for a key points reference. Moving from transaction to transaction is accomplished by changing one data input field for rapid loading and comparison. You get the added flexibility of having EXCEL as your database, opening unlimited opportunities to create templates and flow scenarios. Since EXCEL is familiar to many and, most people already have it on their computers, getting up and running is easy and quick.


The book is 155 pages and consists of the book proper and an appendix written by an associate, providing  a description and explanation of Descartes's "Rule of Signs". 

The book is 113 pages. The balance including a 5 page Glossary and a three page index plus the appendix rounds out the balance to 155 pages.

The first five chapters of the book discuss basic principles and definitions of discounted cash flow analysis, multiple yield issues and ancillary accounting and reporting commentary, along with examples and tables where needed. It strives to speak in layman's terms and avoid the use of formula's and difficult mathematical explanations. It is a codification and explanation of most of the issues surrounding Discounted Cash Flow Analysis, and is presented in relatively easy to understand terminology, supported by a comprehensive Glossary. As a standalone educational book for the codification of issues, it is worth reading. It is a must read for the newly initiated or student.

Chapters 6 through 12 are made up of a functional explanation of the system layout and detailed instructions on how to run the system. For those interested only in the book, these pages serve to give insight into the actual computational processes and basic input data elementary to analysis. They include sample reports and screens supporting the techniques involved in analysis.

The appendix is directed towards those wanting a detailed mathematical proof of the rule of signs principles and is not required reading.

Please refer to the sub link "Table of contents" for a more detailed review of the chapters.                                            

The Book

The Software System

PAMS-DCF System & Book featuring a powerful Yield Engine

for Leveraged Lease Analysis under the MISFM (legacy)  and SSFM in addition to IRR  Present Value Analysis