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​​​Portfolio Analysis & Management System

Discounted Cash Flow Analysis

The Definitive Book & Software System for Present Value or Discounted Cash Flow Analysis


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Telephone: Phil Tirino  (845) 656-1273

FAX:  (845) 215 0003

E-mail: Sales@PAMS-DCF-INC.COM


                         What PAMS-DCF can do for you !

PAMS-DCF  goes way beyond the competition in providing you with a uniquely capable yield engine

PAMS ships with a Quick Setup and a Quick Run insert, in addition to an index of the 65 ready to read and run examples to have you up and running in 10 minutes.

Designed to handle "Portfolio" size numbers and portfolio acquisition flexibility.

Tested for accuracy on an  11 Trillion dollar transaction spanning 5,910 bi-weekly compounding periods (227+ years) to within 10 cents on the Standard Sinking Fund Method..

Powerful, comprehensive rate and PV analysis with proofs of yield amortization schedules quickly computed . Easy to work with familiar & owned by most data base designed to promote customization and versatility..

Internal Rate of Return., Multiple Investment Sinking Fund Rate, Standard Sinking Fund Rate comparative analysis side by side . Easy change of compounding frequency and all other parameters of the transaction.

Large array of examples ready to load and run immediately with commentary on each to assist in pointing out salient points. Move from deal to deal with rapid ease.

PAMS-DCF System & Book for Present Value Analysis 

Full Portfolio Analysis System  -   Small Business System  -  Educational System


Optional custom reasonably priced consulting is available to avoid            system acquisition and the learning curve or a combination of both

Pams-DCF is designed around a yield analysis engine that was developed to do lease reporting. The system requires the following requisite hardware and software to run:

  • PAMS easily installs , and has been tested and runs successfully on PC's running Windows  XP,  Vista , Windows7 and Windows 8.1 & 10.  PAMS will run under XP using 1MEG of memory . Eight (8) or more meg is required for the accounting package to handle the data base requirements. Any version of Microsoft Excel. PAMS-DCF has been thoroughly tested on Excel 2000 and 2007. PAMS uses Excel solely as a virtual databaseto store and work with transaction details needed to run the yield engine . It is important to recognize that no part of the system is written in Excel VBA. The system is fully compiled binary code, very secure and very fast in execution even on older PC's.
  • Installation is provided on a custom inscribed  thumb drive. Click on the INSTALL program on the thumb drive and follow the instructions for quick and easy installation.
  • The Example Excel file containing 65 plus sample structuring transactions can be loaded in seconds.
  • Use our quick install and run guides to install and run in minutes.
  • Get free telephone support if needed, during installation and initial use.